Pre-order a KettleShell Today!

Interested in getting your very own KettleShell? We are officially taking pre-orders, so send an email to to be one of the first to own a KettleShell! See the following for important information about our product:

Price: $99.95

Shipping/Handling: $15.00 (note: sales tax may apply)

Product Description: The KettleShell accommodates standard dumbbell shafts (less than 35mm in diameter), and has been tested on most major dumbbell brands (note: using the KettleShell with smaller diameter dumbbells will cause the dumbbell to rotate within the “shells.” This will cause the powder coating on the inside of the enclosure to wear off, but will not impact the integrity of the product). For more product details, please reference the product specifications.

Product Specifications

Total Weight: 4 lbs

Total Height: 11.25 in

Handle Length: 9.65 in

Handle Thickness: 1.25 in

Hinge Width: 4.10 in

Recommended Weight Capacity:

            Dumbbells: <50 lbs

            Barbells: <325 lbs

Enclosure Diameter: 36 mm

            Maximal Dumbbell/Barbell Handle Diameter: 35 mm

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