KettleShell Teams up with Type A Athletics!

typeAWe are excited to announce that we will be teaming up with Type A Athletics, a new fitness company focused on developing a positive and energetic mindset towards fitness goals using effective mental and physical training methods. The company will be offering a variety of different workouts designed to be used with the KettleShell (programs include the following: Primer, Max Explosiveness, Rotational Strength, Fat Burner, and Low Back Protector).

TypeAat(Type A Athletics Founder/Head Trainer Ben Mendelson using the KettleShell)

Ben Mendelson, B.S., CSCS is the founder and head trainer for Type A Athletics. has worked with athletes from middle/high school to NCAA DIII, DII, DI. His specialties are in speed/agility training, explosive power training, and mental strength training. He received his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Ithaca College and is currently pursuing his Master’s in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sports Psychology at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Be sure to check out their website at

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