Article in Ithaca College’s Fuse Magazine

timCheck out the article in Ithaca College’s Fuse Magazine about the KettleShell!

KettleShell Undergoes Strength Testing

The KettleShell recently went through a series of strength tests, and here are some of the findings that we found:

  • Our current design best accommodates dumbbells up to 50 pounds in weight when performing KettleShell swings. While our product can be used with heavier dumbbells, we do not recommend exceeding this weight limit (to prevent excessive wear and tear to the product). We are currently designing a “heavier duty” KettleShell that will accommodate heavier and larger dumbbells, so stay tuned!
  • When using the KettleShell for lifts such as Farmer’s Walks and deadlifts, our product was able to lift well over 500 pounds. That being said, we recommend that users do not exceed 325 pounds (once again to prevent excessive wear and tear to the product).
  • As with any piece of exercise equipment, we strongly recommend that you do not drop the KettleShell after use. This ensures that the shell/handle are not damaged, but also that the locking mechanism works properly.

Based on these findings we will continue to research and develop our product, and look forward to creating new innovative products for our customers!

Successful Trip to Western Pennsylvania for KettleShell

The KettleShell had the chance to visit two companies while in Corry, Pennsylvania this past week; SNAP Fitness and BuildingBrawn. While at SNAP Fitness, KettleShell CEO Tim Reynolds held a demonstration of the KettleShell to interested gym members, and provided them with the background behind the development of the product. Emphasizing the versatility of the design, Reynolds demonstrated exercises ranging from KettleShell swings to KettleShell thrusters. It was a great opportunity to meet with this fitness franchise, and we hope to work with SNAP Fitness in the near future.

In addition to SNAP Fitness, Reynolds was able to meet with Randy Owen from The company is one of the top online supplement stores, and we were honored to be able to meet with them. Be sure to check out their website at!

Pre-order a KettleShell Today!

Interested in getting your very own KettleShell? We are officially taking pre-orders, so send an email to to be one of the first to own a KettleShell! See the following for important information about our product:

Price: $99.95

Shipping/Handling: $15.00 (note: sales tax may apply)

Product Description: The KettleShell accommodates standard dumbbell shafts (less than 35mm in diameter), and has been tested on most major dumbbell brands (note: using the KettleShell with smaller diameter dumbbells will cause the dumbbell to rotate within the “shells.” This will cause the powder coating on the inside of the enclosure to wear off, but will not impact the integrity of the product). For more product details, please reference the product specifications.

Product Specifications

Total Weight: 4 lbs

Total Height: 11.25 in

Handle Length: 9.65 in

Handle Thickness: 1.25 in

Hinge Width: 4.10 in

Recommended Weight Capacity:

            Dumbbells: <50 lbs

            Barbells: <325 lbs

Enclosure Diameter: 36 mm

            Maximal Dumbbell/Barbell Handle Diameter: 35 mm

KettleShell Wins the Ithaca College Business Plan Competition!

ImageTim Reynolds, CEO of KettleShell, was awarded $20,000 and first prize at the first annual Ithaca College Business Plan Competition on April 22, 2014. There were six teams in the competition, each of which had ten minutes to deliver a business pitch to the judges. For additional information on the competition, please check out the following link: