KettleShell CEO Selected as the Entrepreneur of the Week

Tim Reynolds, the CEO of KettleShell, was selected as the entrepreneur of the week for the organization LaunchNY during the first week in February. To check out the article, visit

The KettleShell has Finalized its Manufacturing Order!

We are proud to announce that we have begun the manufacturing process for the KettleShell! In a little over one year, we were able to finalize our product’s design, and have placed an order to begin creating the tooling/mold for the KettleShell. Once completed, we will place an order for 250 KettleShell’s, and are expecting the completed products to be delivered in the spring of 2014. Please stay tuned though, as we are planning on taking preorders in the next several weeks!

Testing the KettleShell at Springfield College

ImageThe KettleShell is proud to announce that we have recently begun testing the KettleShell’s third prototype with Springfield College’s Strength and Conditioning program! In addition to testing the traditional KettleShell swing, the KettleShell was used to perform some heavy lifts, including this 405lb deadlift shown below. Adding this well respected program to the list of those who have used the KettleShell is very exciting, and we are looking forward to adding more KettleShell users in the near future! Image

KettleShell at the World Natural Powerlifting Federation’s World Championships!


(Pedro Mejias, who set the world record for the bench press at 640 pounds, using the KettleShell)

On Sunday, November 10th, KettleShell was fortunate enough to attend the WNPF World Championships in Philadelphia, PA. This was a great opportunity to watch some of the top weightlifters in the world compete at one venue, as well as spread the word about our product. We look forward to having more opportunities to work with the WNPF in the near future, and are excited to continue to move forward with the KettleShell!

Kick the Shell Out of Cancer


On Sunday, November 3rd, KettleShell teamed up with Ithaca College’s IC A Cure for Kids in the first ever “Kick the Shell Out of Cancer” event to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The event was a circuit style workout that consisted of five different stations: KettleShell swings, thrusters, upright rows, deadlifts, and suitcase carries. Competitors were able to complete the circuit twice, with the top two male/female finishers going into the championship round. There were over 25 people in attendance, and enough money was raised to pay for three platelet counts for the kids at St. Judes. Max Gordon and Francesca Boylan won the competition, earning the title “Fittest Students at Ithaca College.” We are extremely happy to have had the chance to raise money for the children’s hospital, and look forward to additional fundraising opportunities in the near future.